"Bye Bye stereotypes! You live thus, and how do I live?"

KATE is a registered association that coordinated the “Bye Bye stereotypes!” project within the sphere of the north-south school partnerships between 2007 - 2009.

The project was distinguished in February 2008 by the German UNESCO Commission as the official 2008/2009 UN Decade project. You will find previous school partnership projects on the appropriate pages.


Project description

In 2007 KATE initiated a mutual art project with pupils from Berlin and Central America under the “Bye Bye stereotypes! You live thus, and how do I live?” motto. From November 2007 to January 2008 three schools in Berlin and five schools in Central America examined the lives of their respective partners. Within this sphere the pupils also reflected upon their own lives and came to terms with stereotypes and prejudices. With the support of media pedagogues in workshops focused on the three competition categories of film, theatre and comics they received specific skills, which they could use in the creation of film scripts, plays and drawing comics to the theme of “A day in the life of a partner pupil”.

In 2008 the competition submissions were assessed by a jury of experts and awarded prizes on two occasions in Berlin and Nicaragua in April/May. The realisation of film scripts and rehearsals for plays began after the prize-giving ceremonies.In November 2009, pupils and teachers from Central America visited us and the “Bye Bye stereotypes!” project came to an exciting end with the meeting of the participants from all four countries – El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Germany. A meeting of this kind and to this extent took place for the first time since the beginning of the KATE school partnership project and promises a rich intercultural experience for all participants. The films, plays and comics created within the project were presented and offered the basis for an exchange of opinion and the reflection of self-perception and the perception of foreigners.