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how our food influences the climate

An educational opportunity for children, youth and adultsUNESCO Dekadeprojekt 2009/2010

Since December 2006, KATE offers the educational opportunity "Climate Breakfast" (in German: "Das Klimafrühstück").

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The „Climate Breakfast" deals with the topic „how our food influences the climate". The interrelation between consumption of food and climate change is the main theme.

Children, youth and adults gain new experiences by thinking on their own, doing things on their own, participating.

Modules for all kinds of groups and circumstances: kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, adults as well as long or short versions

KATE e.V. offers different, age-based modules of the "Climate Breakfast" as well as additional modules which are flexible in time, difficulty, focus themes, space of the event and so on.

Besides the "classical" versions of the Climate Breakfast at kindergardens and schools their are also modules for adults called the "climate dinner" (which exists in a hot and cold version), for fairs and for groups who have only time for a 60min-version.

The Climate Breakfast can be organized in two different ways:

  • First of all people can borrow the "Klimakoffer". It's a suitcase including all materials that you need to conduct the Climate Breakfast. Inside there is, among other things, a detailed guideline that describes the climate breakfast from start to finish.
  • Furthermore people can "book" a trainer. A trainer is a person who was instructed by KATE. This person organizes the whole breakfast, buys all the food and conducts the Climate Breakfast.

If you have questions, then write an email to: klimafruehstueck@kateberlin.

Furthermore around the Climate Brakfast

  • We are also working on an additional modul concerning climate (un-)justice which is supposed to be an option for teachers on how to continue their teaching after the conduction of a climate breakfast.
  • We also train youngsters at various schools and institutions to become Peer-Moderators for the Climate Breakfast. After their succesful training they are able to conduct climate brakfasts with their peers and/or younger students.
  • In order to extend the project in the dierection of political engagement we started a youth campaign called #climateclicks. Here, youngsters upload pictures of climate-friendly examples which might help to fight climate change.
  • In Summer 2017 we are (or "were", depending on when you are reading here^^) part of the International Garden Exebition ("IGA") at Berlin.

Climate Breakfasts outside of Berlin

Our activites are mainly based in Berlin. Nevertheless we have partners in other parts of Germany, Europe and the World:

  • Prague/Czech Republic
  • Leeds/UK
  • Linz/Austria
  • Nicaragua
  • El Salvador
  • Aurich/Germany
  • Rostock/Germany
  • Augsburg/Germany
  • Dresden/Germany