Your world in focus - Tu mundo en el visor 2.0


The project

Environmental and social human rights are supposed to guarantee access to basic needs worldwide. This includes the right to a healthy environment and access to quality education. But how does the situation in Germany, Nicaragua and El Salvador look like?

To answer this question, the non-governmental organizations CEDRU and ADM from Nicaragua, APOKAM from El Salvador and KATE e.V. from Germany have developed an interactive internet platform for young people. With that the capabilities and features of the Web 2.0 are being used for the exchange between the "South" and "North" in the sense of global learning.

Workshop Klimawandel

The project provides:

  • Interactive platform with a variety of real-life reports and photos
  • By young people for young people
  • Forum for the virtual exchange between "South" and "North"

Workshops and classes

  • Topics: Environmental and social human rights, how to create posts for the online platform and about the life in Nicaragua and El Salvador (These build on each other, but can also be done independently)
  • Offers in Spanish and German
  • Encourage to change perspective and to challenge common stereotypes

Präsentation der Broschüre und Ausstellung

Brochure and exhibition

  • Students from Nicaragua, El Salvador and Germany report from their countries
  • Topics: environment, social, nutritional and leisure
  • Texts in German and Spanish
  • Can be rented or purchased at KATE

Fünf HändeWith the project a network of people who look beyond their own horizons and change their perspective is being established. Through their contributions they make global connections and local action alternatives at various locations visible.

The project tries to sensitize participants to environmental and social rights and facilitate the acquisition of intercultural action, communication and media skills

Support for the project comes from participants in the "South" and "North" of the ASA program, who develop and carry out workshops in Germany, as well as in Nicaragua and El Salvador