Your world in focus - Tu mundo en el visor


Within the project "Your World in Focus - tu mundo en el visor" more than 300 young people from Germany, Nicaragua and El Salvador dealt with aspects of their living environment in a journalistic way and engaged in a global South-North dialogue with self-written contributions. The subjects of the reportages were chosen by the students themselves. In several workshops they learned about the basics of journalistic work and techniques of photography and how to develop ideas for their own posts and discuss them critically. Between the workshops the participants tested their skills by working in teams to create one reportage. 

Workshop Fotografie und JournalismusParallel to the process of creation, there was a continuous exchange between the students of the three countries, which went well beyond the project period. On the online platform steps were documented, photos and videos uploaded and comments were posted. The compiled results of all participants were then analyzed together: similarities and differences emerged, certain perspectives and points of view were uncovered and ideas for future joint activities were developed


Exhibition and booklet

Ausstellungseröffnung Carlo-Schmid-Oberschule

Selected articles were published in a bilingual exhibition and a booklet. During an open day at Melanchthon Secondary School the exhibition was opened with music and a speech by the head teacher. Also at Wilma Rudolph Secondary School the exhibition was presented solemnly during an open day. The Carlo Schmid Secondary School associated a panel discussion with the opening of the exhibition. It was held in the auditorium with all Spanish classes in the presence of representatives of our partners in the South, CEDRU, ADM and APOKAM. After that the young participants presented their classmates the exhibition and answered questions.

Exhibition and booklet can be used both in school education as well as in non-formal education. As multipliers the students provide their answers to classmates and other people (family, friends, other schools). This way, a lot of people can take part in the global learning. If you are interested in the exhibition and / or the booklet, please contact Raphael Schapira.

"Your world in focus - Tu mundo en el visor" is a cooperative project of APOKAM (El Salvador), ADM (Nicaragua), CEDRU (Nicaragua) and KATE (Germany).

Contact for this project is Raphael Schapira.

Participating Schools:


Carlo-Schmid-Oberschule, Friedrich-Engels-Gymnasium, Martin-Buber-Oberschule, Melanchthon-Oberschule, Vincent-van-Gogh-Oberschule, Wald-Oberschule, Wilma-Rudolph-Oberschule (Berlin)


Colegio San Pablo, Instituto República Ecuador de Masachapa, Instituto San Rafael del Sur (San Rafael del Sur), Escuela Juan María Duarte, Instituto Nacional de Camoapa (Camoapa), Instituto Elba Valdivia (San Lorenzo)

El Salvador

Centro Escolar Mercedes Monterrosa de Cárcamo, Centro Escolar Antonio Jose de Sucre, Centro Escolar Manuel Albares Magaña, Centro Escolar Cantón Izcaquilio, Instituto Nacional Cornelio Asenon Sierra (Atiquizaya)


The project was funded by Inwent, Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (LEZ), Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken, Katholischer Fonds and Solidaritätsfonds der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung.